PODCAST: Mark Matthews Discusses the IRS and Tax Evasion with AML's John Byrne

AML Conversations

Caplin & Drysdale’s Mark Matthews sat down with AML RightSource Vice Chairman, John Byrne, to discuss a wide range of issues including offshore banking, beneficial ownership, tax evasion, and the role played by the IRS post 9/11 and up to today. Please visit this link to access the podcast AML Conversations “How the IRS is Essential to the AML Community on a Number of Fronts.”

During the podcast, Mark and John discussed some historical aspects of the IRS such as the response on 9/11 by criminal agents, the change in enforcement priorities over the years, the recent focus on undisclosed offshore accounts, suspicious activity reports by banks, and the challenges the new IRS commissioner faces.

AML Conversations informs professionals and those interested in anti-money laundering about conversations happening in the government, private sector, and internationally.


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