While some of our attorneys started their careers at Caplin & Drysdale, others transitioned to the firm after holding distinguished positions with government agencies, international law firms, accounting firms, or in-house legal departments. Attorneys are drawn to our firm because of the collaborative environment and extraordinary opportunities and responsibilities they are given to build a successful practice. When attorneys join a new firm, the initial transition can seem overwhelming and frustrating. We take significant pride in ensuring our new attorneys feel welcome and become a contributing member of the team. During their first week, new attorneys receive a one-on-one orientation, lunch with other attorneys, and are honored at a ‘Welcome Event', where the entire firm has an opportunity to meet them. 

Our Associate base compensation structure is lockstep and based on either 1,700 or 1,950 billable hours (depending on an Associate's practice group and past performance). The firm’s current base compensation for a non-litigation first-year Associate is $185,000, and a litigation first-year Associate is $225,000. Associates become bonus-eligible at 1700 hours and bonuses are driven by performance, with no cap. Indeed, recent bonuses for exceptional performers have exceeded the market rate. Caplin & Drysdale also offers a highly competitive benefits package, including a generous 401(k) Plan, parental leave (maternity and paternity), various cafeteria plan benefits, and flexible work schedules.

We believe in our attorneys and are devoted to helping them advance and succeed in their careers.  Several ways that we’re able to do this is through the implementation of a broad range of professional development programs and initiatives, a formal mentorship program, continuing legal education, and business development training. One of the notable perks that we offer is financial reimbursement in obtaining advanced legal degrees, including an LL.M. in Taxation while working at Caplin & Drysdale, to all qualifying attorneys. Our boutique style practice also allows new attorneys to work on high-profile matters early on in their careers, while receiving regular supervision and guidance. Moreover, Caplin & Drysdale makes significant investments in technology, staffing, and other resources to ensure our attorneys have the proper support and resources to improve their work-life balance. We invite you to speak with any of our attorneys to see if Caplin & Drysdale would be the right fit for you.

For more information or to apply, please contact Nawel Moreno at nmoreno@capdale.com.

Lateral Attorneys

Unlike other law firms, we rarely handle routine tax and litigation matters; therefore, our attorneys need to be highly-skilled legal advocates. We aim to offer our clients a very high level of service, which is facilitated by hiring attorneys who already demonstrate an exemplary skill set, strong knowledge base, and relevant experience.

Caplin & Drysdale regularly seeks out experienced lateral attorneys to join the firm. We consider attorneys that have related experience, excellent academic credentials, and a passion to meet the diverse needs of our clients. If you are looking for an accomplished law firm where you can continue to focus on providing the highest standards of professional and ethical excellence, then you've come to the right place.

Entry Level Attorneys

It can be nerve-wracking for a recent law school graduate to walk into a law firm and be expected to perform with little practical experience. Here, we take the necessary steps to make transitioning into our firm an enjoyable learning experience.

As a first year Associate, you will find a significant difference between being an entry level attorney at a large firm and practicing at a firm like Caplin & Drysdale. You will not be "just a number", you will not be stuck in an office pushing papers and doing document review for the first few years, and you will not be lost in the shuffle. At Caplin & Drysdale, you are more than an entry level attorney, you are an integral part of the team. You will get hands-on experience from day one, working directly with senior Members and practice group leaders, as well as interacting with clients. Our first-year Associates are given substantive and challenging assignments and are encouraged to voice their opinions and offer input.

If you are looking for a firm that values teamwork, personal and professional growth, diversity, hard work and achievement, please submit your resume and transcript for consideration.

Law Students

Our Summer Associate classes are relatively small and we've designed it that way for a reason. We hire with care, since we value our collegiality and view each new Summer Associate as a future Associate and Member. It is our goal to give our Summer Associates a real-world perspective of an attorney's life at Caplin & Drysdale. By keeping our classes small, we are able to focus on each Summer Associate and give them the level of attention and guidance needed to be successful in their careers.

Every year we hire a select group of law students for Summer Associate and full-time Associate positions in our tax practice group. Currently, our Summer Associate recruiting efforts largely focus on first-year law students, with the intention that those Summer Associates will return to the firm after their second year of law school and ultimately as a first-year Associate. We do occasionally hire second-year law students with no prior connect to the firm, as well. If you have an interest in working for Caplin & Drysdale as a Summer Associate or a first-year Associate, please submit your resume and transcript for consideration.



The firm conducts on-campus interviews at a select group of law schools across the country, in addition to participating in resume collections from schools that we do not visit. If we do not interview on campus at your school or you are unable to secure an on-campus interview, you may submit your resume and transcript to Nawel Moreno (nmoreno@capdale.com), Manager of Attorney Recruitment & Diversity, for consideration.

Students who are invited to visit the firm for a call-back interview will meet with approximately 6-7 attorneys, which will include Members and Associates from relevant practice groups.

Summer Associate Program

Our program is designed to stimulate and educate our Summer Associates during their time at Caplin & Drysdale. In addition to general firm orientation, Summer Associates are encouraged to attend various training and educational seminars throughout the program. When you spend a summer with us, you will be given a wide variety of assignments designed to enhance your skills and stimulate your intellect. In addition, you are given continuous guidance and feedback throughout the summer. You will be treated as if you are already a full-time Associate at our firm. Your assignments and our high expectations for your performance will introduce you to the work of our full-time Associates and the standards by which that work is evaluated. From the moment you walk in our doors, you will be working hand-in-hand with our attorneys, including Members, on complex research projects and will actively participate in drafting memoranda and other client communications, attending depositions, meeting with clients and assisting in the many other tasks our attorneys address in their day-to-day practice. Our goal is to give you a realistic view into our world and to help develop successful attorneys who will return to our firm and add long-term value. Should you choose to start your legal career with us, your experience as a Summer Associate will have given you a valuable introduction to the high standards of professionalism and legal analysis Caplin & Drysdale expects of all its attorneys, as well as our collegial, supportive culture.

We permit Summer Associates to split their summers with other firms or public interest organizations; however, we do prefer that students spend at least six weeks in our program. As Summer Associates at Caplin & Drysdale, students will have an opportunity to work within our various tax groups. Unless there is a specific area of interest in tax, most Summer Associates will be given assignments from each of our tax departments. Each Summer Associate is assigned an Associate mentor and a Member mentor prior to their arrival. The mentors are responsible for continuously monitoring the Summer Associate's progress and to provide feedback during the Summer Associate reviews.

It's not all business at Caplin & Drysdale - we like to have fun too! We have a full calendar of social events and community projects for our Summer Associates and their significant others. Our events encourage relationship building and allow our Summer Associates and their families to get to know the firm, our team and our city. A few of our most popular social events include participating in Buildable Hours, a Segway tour and various dinners and parties at Associate and Member's homes. 

Judicial Clerks

Caplin & Drysdale values the practical experience that judicial clerks are exposed to and in turn are able build upon after their clerkship is completed. We want to be a part of the process of helping you explore that experience and to ensure your success in the legal profession. In recent years, we have hired judicial clerks from various courts across the country, some of whom were previous Summer Associates at our firm.

The firm encourages judicial clerks to apply for an Associate position with us. Generally, Associates who have clerked immediately following graduation from law school will be hired and compensated at the same level as their graduating class. Also, we will consider bonuses to judicial clerks once employment commences.

For more information, please contact Nawel Moreno at nmoreno@capdale.com.

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