Law360 Quotes Monty Crawford and Highlights Caplin & Drysdale Team in Deutsche Bank AG v. Devon Park Bioventures LP Case


An attorney for Deutsche Bank AG told a Delaware vice chancellor on Monday that the court should assert jurisdiction over $50 million that it linked to a U.K. award against Norwegian billionaire investor Alexander Vik, saying the linkage represents its last chance at foiling "the perfect crime."

. . .

Devon Park argued that the vice chancellor should dismiss fraudulent transfer and conspiracy claims against it and accept "interpleader" arguments that would pull CPR and SHI into the wider Deutsche Bank claim.

"Devon Park was not a party to the English judgment and therefore cannot be bound or prejudiced by any decision of that court," Quincy M. Crawford of Caplin & Drysdale told the vice chancellor.

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Devon Park Bioventures LP and defendant Devon Park Associates LP are represented in part by Kevin C. Maclay, Todd E. Phillips, Quincy M. Crawford, and Nathaniel R. Miller of Caplin & Drysdale.

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