CNN Quotes Scott Michel and Meghan Biss on Tax Impact of College Admissions Scandal


Scott Michel, a defense attorney [at Caplin & Drysdale] who specializes in tax cases, says it's possible suspects in the college admissions cheating case could face more charges and harsher sentences if they go to trial.

"If (prosecutors) wanted to come up with more draconian charges here, it appears there would be an evidentiary basis from the four corners of the complaint," Michel says.

Michel says there could be evidence already presented to the public for additional charges, including money laundering and tax evasion.

And more people could be investigated, said Meghan Biss, a former senior adviser at the IRS [now with Caplin & Drysdale].

Dozens of parents who allegedly paid Singer by donating money to his non-profit organization have been named in the case. But anyone who gave money to his foundation could come under scrutiny, she said.

"The IRS does have a list of donors to the charity that none of us have," Biss said, referring to a confidential part of Singer's Key Worldwide Foundation's tax filings.

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