Bloomberg BNA Quotes Doug Varley on New IRS Rules for Nonprofits

Bloomberg BNA

Bloomberg BNA spoke with Douglas N. Varley about what the new IRS rules mean for 501(c)(4)s that intend to operate under tax-exempt status.  Mr. Varley commented on how the rules do not give any new details as to what it actually takes to be exempt under 501(c)(4).  “That's the 800-pound gorilla of a question," said Mr. Varley. He went on to say how there are not any big surprises in the basic requirements for the IRS regulations. “It's just the regulatory interpretation of the PATH Act,” Mr. Varley said. “Most of the provisions are baked into the statute so there's really not much news here." To view the complete article, please visit Bloomberg BNA's website (subscription required).

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