Meghan Biss Addresses Disaster Relief at AICPA & CIMA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference

12:50 PM to 2:05 PM

The course will cover the different opportunities available to nonprofits to provide relief during disasters and what taxpayers need to qualify under section 139 related to having a non-employee status. In addition, we will focus on items such as grants, grantmaking restrictions, general welfare, charitable class and hardship relief. We will also discuss what constitutes a federally declared disaster, look at disaster relief from the perspective of private foundations, examine the IRS allowance of employees donating their unused vacation time to disaster victims, the creating of new disaster relief organizations in an expedited fashion and the information reporting requirements to disaster aid recipients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand opportunities available to nonprofits to provide relief during disasters.
  • Understand grants the general welfare exclusion and when reporting may be required.

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