Washington Post Interviews Trevor Potter: Trump's Unusual Conflict: Millions in Debts to German Bank Now Facing Federal Fines

The Washington Post

Trevor Potter comments on the potential impact of Donald Trump’s business empire owing hundreds of millions of dollars to a giant German bank cast into crisis by settlement negotiations with the Justice Department.  Some lawyers say the relationship sheds light on the massive financial entanglements he could face as president.  For the complete article, please visit The Washington Post's website.  Please see the Election Law Blog for additional coverage.

Excerpt taken from the article.

“It’s certainly foreseeable that he could intervene with the DOJ so as to not upset the financing of his companies,” said Trevor Potter, a former Federal Election Commission chairman and general counsel of George H.W. Bush and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

It’s “unthinkable in recent history,” Potter said, that “there’s the possibility of a president being able to affect his own personal financial interests, conceivably to the detriment of the general public.”

. . .

“It’s silly to suggest there’s any avoidance of conflict by having your family run the interests,” Potter said. “He talks to his family all the time.”


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