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In an interview with The National Law JournalTrevor Potter -- who serves as General Counsel to The Colbert Report  -- discusses his appearance on the finale of The Colbert Show and reflects on how the show changed his legal career and the public's understanding of campaign finance and election law.  For the full interview, please visit The National Law Journal's website (subscription required).  To view additional coverage on this story, please click here for the December 18, 2014 finale, click here to see Mr. Potter's appearance, and here for a Washington Post article which links to several of Mr. Potter's appearances on the show explaining campaign finance law and Super PACs.

Excerpt taken from the article.

NLJ: Has your practice changed since you've been working with Colbert? Did you make a better tomorrow yesterday?

Potter: I think we made a better educated public yesterday.

In the middle of it all I recall being stopped by a Washington lawyer on the street who said, "Trevor, I don't think I understood super PACs until last night. Now I get it."

NLJ: Has Colbert made you the coolest Big Law lawyer in Washington—or the most reviled?

Potter: I guess it probably depends on who you ask.

One of my senior partners here stopped me in the early days as I was doing "Colbert." He said, "In all the years I've worked here, my kids have never cared what I did for a living and they had no interest in Caplin & Drysdale. Suddenly they think it's the coolest law firm in Washington, and they want to know more about my partner."



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