Trevor Potter Quoted in The Washington Post, Obama's Proposed Voting Commission Under Partisan Fire From Both Sides

The Washington Post
Excerpt taken from the article.

President Obama's proposed commission on electoral reform, which seeks to improve voting efficiency and reduce long wait times for voters, is producing heated criticism from advocates on both the right and the left.

Some conservatives view the initiative as federal overreaching on an issue that is rightly the province of states, while some voting rights advocates say that the president's proposed commission is a too-timid response to what they see as a huge problem.

Heading to the commission will be the oddest of odd couples--Obama's former White House counsel, Bob Bauer, and Benjamin Ginsberg, a top lawyer for the Republican Party who helped lead the 2000 recount efforts in Florida and served as Mitt Romney's lawyer during his White House run.

"There are plenty of Republicans who are suspicious of federal efforts in this area, but I'm glad Ben decided to do it," said Trevor Potter, who served as John McCain's general counsel in his two presidential bids. "Ben is not a miracle worker, but he has a good reputation, and people will listen to the group. Assuming that both parties have the same interest of having the system work and voters being able to vote, then it shouldn't turn out to be as partisan as it would be in the middle of the election."

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