Trevor Potter Mentioned in Marketplace, Super PACs are here to stay

Excerpt taken from the article.

Super PACs, and other outside political groups, are here to stay -- and so are the ads they run. But now these groups will be talking about post-election stuff.


The American Crossroads super PAC isn't a baby anymore; it's two years old now. In true toddler fashion, it's exploring the limits of its power. [Jonathan] Collegio [spokesman for the American Crossroads super PAC and its sister nonprofit Crossroads GPS] says American Crossroads will lobby. If Mitt Romney wins the election, it'll help promote his agenda. It'll work with Republicans on Capitol Hill. For their part, super PACs supporting Democrats will push their party's agenda.

But the super PAC's superpowers are troubling for some, like campaign finance lawyer Trevor Potter. He was general counsel for John McCain in the 2008 election.

"Once this genie's out of the bottle," he says, "It's hard to put it back."

Potter worries that outside political groups will use their power to set up meetings for wealthy donors at the White House or on Capitol Hill. He says, "Essentially the selling of access and the opportunity to argue a position, for money."

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