POLITICO "Trumpets" Trevor Potter and Matthew Sanderson on Their Representation of Stephen Colbert


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COLBERT TRUMPETS TREVOR POTTER — Kenneth P. Vogel (@KenVogel): Trevor Potter once chaired the FEC, helped write McCain-Feingold, and served as the top lawyer for the presidential campaigns of the law's lead Republican sponsor, Arizona Sen. John McCain. But nothing he's ever done has attracted as much attention as his representation of Stephen Colbert. The Comedy Central satirist has used an ongoing shtick about establishing a "super-PAC" to highlight the influence of corporate money in politics. Colbert reps initially reached out to Potter to be a guest on a March show poking fun at the PAC started by former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to lay the foundation for his GOP presidential campaign.

"After I had done the show the first time, Mr. Colbert told me that he was serious about pursuing a PAC himself, and asked if I would be willing to represent him," Potter told POLITICO Influence. Potter now has appeared on the "Colbert Report" five times to discuss Colbert's effort to form a super PAC. And Potter was by his client's side when Colbert gave a pair of intensely covered speeches outside the FEC, including one last week after the commission granted a request — filed by Potter and his associate Matt Sanderson — for an exemption that will allow Colbert to riff on his PAC on-air without triggering campaign rules. Read the full text of the article.

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