New York Times Quotes Matthew Sanderson on Trump Holdings Raising Potential for Conflicts of Interest

The New York Times

Just a few blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House sits the Trump International Hotel, one of the newest luxury additions to President-elect Donald J.Trump’s real estate empire, and perhaps the most visible symbol of the ethical quandary he now confronts.

“To say that his children running his businesses is the equivalent of a blind trust — there is simply no credibility in that claim,” said Matthew T. Sanderson, a Washington lawyer and Republican who has worked on the presidential campaigns of John McCain, Rand Paul and Rick Perry. “Yes, the American public elected him knowing he has these assets, but unless he deals with this properly there will just be a steady trickle of these conflict-of-interest stories, and it could be a drag on his presidency.”  Mr. Sanderson is a Member of Caplin & Drysdale’s Political Law Group

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Excerpt taken from the article “Donald Trump’s Far-Flung Holdings Raise Potential for Conflicts of Interest” by Eric Lipton and Susanne Craig for The New York Times.

What Donald J. Trump Owns and Owen

by Ford Fessenden and Iaryna Mykhyalyshyn for The New York Times, August 20, 2016



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