NBC News Quotes Matthew Sanderson on Security Measure Put in Place by Philadelphia Election Board

NBC News

Officials in Philadelphia voted at an emergency meeting Tuesday morning to reinstate a security measure that could dramatically slow vote counting in Pennsylvania's most populous city.

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Matthew Sanderson, an election lawyer in Washington, predicted the change wouldn't have a huge impact on the time it takes to tally the votes since the city has used the process before.

He said the resumption is a net positive because "you never want to sacrifice accuracy for speed," but the lawsuit has put election officials in "an untenable position."

"If you really care about election security, this decision should be cheered," Sanderson said, but Republicans will use the additional delay in the count as "cause for suspicion" even though they were the ones who demanded it.

"It has nothing to do with an actual problem," Sanderson said. "It’s about undermining faith in the election."

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