McClatchy Quotes Matthew Sanderson on Trump's Financial Disclosures Obscuring His Foreign Business Interests


Donald Trump’s unadvertised meeting with Indian business partners, revealed over the weekend, raises new questions about what he’s actually disclosed about his foreign entanglements. But the structure of his business holdings makes it vexing for anyone outside his inner circle to understand potential conflicts.

“You would worry about the president-elect and his administration pulling their punches when it comes to foreign affairs because it would damage the business of Mr. Trump,” said Matthew Sanderson, a government ethics attorney who has worked on GOP presidential campaigns, and a Member of Caplin & Drysdale.

The potential conflicts of interests are multiplied across the globe, he said.

“If I’m his attorney, that’s kind of the easy call for me, telling him you’ve got to at least sell off the foreign partnerships so it doesn’t continue to be a drag on the presidency,” Sanderson said.

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Excerpt taken from the article “Trump’s Financial Disclosures Obscure His Foreign Business Interests” by Kevin G. Hall for McClatchy.


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