Matthew Sanderson Weighs in on New FARA Cases in POLITICO

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What does DOJ's new year FARA burst tell us?: Two separate U.S. Attorney’s offices revealed a flurry of new illicit foreign influence cases within minutes of each other on Tuesday — a clear sign that cracking down on FARA violations will be on the Justice Department’s “In” list once again in 2024.

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It’s unclear whether the timing of the cases’ disclosure was intentional. They originated from different offices, and involve activity that took place at different times, but “it is a relatively small team working on FARA related matters” within DOJ, noted Matt Sanderson, a lawyer at Caplin & Drysdale who advises clients on FARA compliance.

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“The department seems to be paying closer attention to the substance of the actual FARA filings as opposed to just taking as good enough that someone has registered,” Sanderson told PI. “This should have been specifically described.”

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