FARA.us Launches New Legal Resource Page


www.FARA.us launches new Determination Letters page under the Legal Resources tab as part of the site's continued commitment to serve as a top-notch informational resource to the regulated community and to journalists seeking a better understanding of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The new page highlights some of the Determination Letters issued to potential FARA registrants. Please click here to check out the new page.

www.FARA.us is a site focused exclusively on FARA and provides – in a single location – plain-language explanations, DOJ guidance, congressional hearing transcripts, and government reports related to FARA. The site also features detailed summaries of all Advisory Opinions issued by the DOJ's FARA Unit, in addition to descriptions of major FARA enforcement cases and a comprehensive database of FARA's legislative historical materials, all in one place. Furthermore, www.FARA.us is updated regularly to include FARA news and other information about the law.

For inquiries, please contact Matthew Sanderson, Trevor Potter, Bryson Morgan, or Olivia Marshall. Please visit www.FARA.us for more information.

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