David Rosenbloom Comments on Senator Paul's Objections to Tax Treaties

Worldwide Tax Daily

Caplin & Drysdale's H. David Rosenbloom spoke with Worldwide Tax Daily concerning Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., and the revelation that he will again object to having pending tax treaty instruments move to the Senate floor by unanimous consent.  In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., Paul said he will object to any unanimous consent request, motion, or waiver of any rule because of his concerns that the treaty information exchange provisions encroach on U.S. taxpayers' Fourth Amendment privacy rights.  For the full article, please visit Worldwide Tax Daily's website (subscription required).

Excerpt taken from the article "Sen. Paul Again Blocks Tax Treaties" by Kristen A. Parillo for Worldwide Tax Daily

H. David Rosenbloom of Caplin & Drysdale said that while Paul is entitled to his views, he is nevertheless puzzled by Paul's position. "Does Senator Paul think the U.S. government should have fewer rights to invade taxpayer 'privacy' when an account is located in Zurich than when it is located in Louisville?" he wondered.


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