CNN Interviews Matthew Sanderson on Giuliani Creating Legal Problems for Trump


Did Rudy Giuliani's comments on President Trump, Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels help calm the waters or open the door to more legal trouble for Trump? Below are excerpts from an interview with Matthew Sanderson CNN's Brian Todd. Please visit this link to hear the full story.

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BRIAN TODD: “. . . Guiliani’s seemingly off the cuff remarks could have gotten the President into even more legal trouble. Like when Guiliani highlighted how important it might have been to the Trump campaign to keep Daniels quiet about the alleged affair before the 2016 election.”

MATTHEW SANDERSON: “That statement by Rudy Guiliani does suggest that it [the payment to Stormy Daniels] was related to an election. If it’s related to an election, then it may be an in-kind contribution, and it may also need to be reported.”

. . .

To hear the audio, please click and drag to minute 1.28.
BRIAN TODD: “. . . But Guiliani made other potentially damaging comments this week talking about Trump paying back Cohen. . . . Guiliani said Trump didn’t start secretly paying Cohen back until months after the election. In the interim, Trump never reported what he owed Cohen.”

MATTHEW SANDERSON: “The President is supposed to disclose on his personal financial disclosure statement any debts that he owes to other people.”


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