Trevor Potter Comments on the Citizens United Case and Its Impact on Mid-Term Elections

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Tennessean, Financial Times, TPM, The Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, The Florida Independent

One Man Feeling the Effects of ‘Citizens United’: Russ Feingold
The Wall Street Journal
November 2, 2010

Millions of ‘Super PAC’ Dollars Flow through Tampa and into Races Nationwide
The Florida Independent
November 1, 2010

Roberts Court Rulings on Campaign Finance Reveal Shifting Makeup, Forceful Role
The Washington Post
November 1, 2010

For D.C. Lawyers of All Specialties, Election Day Means One Thing: All Hands on Deck
The Washington Business Journal
October 29, 2010

Corporate Campaign Ads Haven't Followed Supreme Court's Prediction
Los Angeles Times
October 27, 2010

Why It Matters
October 22, 2010

America: The Pay Poll People
Financial Times
October 21, 2010

Do All These Expensive Campaign Ads Matter?
The Miami Herald
October 21, 2010

RNLA 2008 Efforts Featured Lineup Of GOP And Anti-Voter Fraud Stars
October 21, 2010

TN Campaigns See Influx of Outside Spending
The Tennessean
October 20, 2010

Outside Cash Pours into Races, Much of It Anonymously
The Philadelphia Inquirer
October 18, 2010

Is ‘Citizens United’ Affecting the 2010 Midterm Races? In a Word: Yes
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
October 8, 2010

Money Talks Louder Than Ever in Midterms
The New York Times
October 8, 2010

Citizens United Finds Niche After Landmark Case
The Associated Press
September 27, 2010


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