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Caplin & Drysdale promotes environmental sustainability by actively taking steps to reduce the firm's carbon footprint. Our 2013-2014 renovation qualified our office space for Silver LEED Certification, and the firm's Green Committee has implemented several other initiatives, including:

  • Duplex printing and copying on all printers and copiers.
  • Glass coffee mugs and plates in all kitchen areas.
  • Paper products such as paper towels on recycled paper.
  • Firm letterhead is in an electronic format.
  • Increased use of email as a mode of communication.
  • Paid Time Off requests are made via an online portal.
  • Open enrollment for benefits is online.
  • The firm's internal newsletter is sent via email.
  • New client intake process is electronic.
  • A certain percentage of the firm's records are kept electronically.
  • Marketing material is in electronic form and printed material is on recycled paper.
  • All firm marketing communications such as client alerts, press releases, and bios are sent electronically and/or printed on recycled paper.
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