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William Klimon Addresses Nonprofit M&A on Strafford Webinar

December 12, 2019, 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM EST
Speaker:William M. Klimon
Program:Nonprofit M&A: Analyzing Tax, Accounting, and Business Aspects of Partnerships With Other NPOs
Event Sponsor:Strafford Publications
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Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are increasingly conducting mergers and acquisitions, often to bolster their service delivery. The squeeze on donations and grants also have NPOs evaluating several different relationships with for-profit entities.

These structures take various forms, including joint ventures, outsourced back-office operations, and joint marketing campaigns. With proper planning, such relationships can improve a nonprofit's service quality, staff efficiency, and funding. But, advisers must prepare NPOs for impacts on tax exemptions and donor relations.

Nonprofits and their advisers must also understand the potential benefits and risks of mergers, acquisitions, and other relationships with other NPOs from a business context. Importantly, they must ensure adherence with the dictates of the IRS Code and related guidance.

Listen as our panel of experienced advisers prepares you to navigate the practical realities as well as federal regulations, guidance, and accounting standards governing M&As, partnerships, and other business relationships between nonprofits.


The panel will address these and other related topics:

  • Evaluating the potential benefits and risks with particular business models
  • Complying with the IRC, federal guidance, and accounting standards regarding nonprofit mergers
  • Avoiding potential risks to a nonprofit's tax exemption

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