Washington Post Quotes Christopher Rizek on Trump's Charitable Foundation Tax Returns

The Washington Post

For years, President Trump personally signed the tax returns for his charitable foundation, scrawling his signature just below a stern warning from the IRS: Providing false information could lead to “penalties of perjury.”

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But some tax-law experts said that in the unlikely event Trump winds up in a criminal court, it may be hard to convince a jury that a man of his business experience was so unsophisticated, for so long, about his own charity.

“You could try. But I think it’s probably a loser,” said Christopher Rizek, an attorney at Caplin & Drysdale who has defended clients in tax cases. “You’ve got a guy who’s bragged for years about how smart he is, and how much tax law he knows. And now all of a sudden he doesn’t know anything?”

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Excerpt taken from the article “The Four Times Trump Signed Tax Returns for His Foundation That Contained Incorrect Information” by David A. Fahrenthold for The Washington Post.


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