MLex Talks to Christopher Rizek on Ripple Effects of Government Shutdown

MLex US Tax Watch

For taxpayers and those who represent them, the partial shutdown of the federal government has disrupted business with tax agencies across the board.

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The agency's ability to process tax returns and refunds with a sharply reduced staff was open to question, but "what a lot of me and my colleagues fret about are the second and third level impacts," said Chris Rizek, a member in Caplin & Drysdale's Washington office. "It isn't the taxpayer's fault the IRS can't process those things."

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Return to Sender

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"Nobody's getting phone calls returned, nobody knows what to do," said Rizek. "You have to muddle through and hope for the best. We're continuing to send things to the IRS and documenting that we did."

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Excerpt taken from the article “Tax Community Grapples with Shutdown’s Ripple Effects” by Paul Merrion for MLex US Tax Watch.


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