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Mark Matthews and Scott Michel to Speak on FATCA at Dubai Private Client Breakfast Seminar

May 15, 2017
Speakers:Mark E. Matthews, Scott D. Michel
Program:U.S. Taxpayers - Why They Can Hide No Longer and What They Can Do Now
Event Sponsor:Cross Border Planning for the Private Client

Capital Club Dubai, Gate Village, Building 3
Dubai International Financial Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) highlights the uniquely global nature of the US tax system and the information sharing which goes with it. Recently ratified Inter-governmental agreements look to give real teeth to the reporting and make it difficult for a ‘US Person’ to avoid their obligations. Despite increased international enforcement there remains much confusion regarding the tax burden placed upon US persons, and the planning opportunities available to them.
The Private Client teams at Frank Hirth and Caplin & Drysdale are running a breakfast seminar to discuss the tax implications which advisors should consider for their US clients.

  • Learn who is a US person, what their obligations are and the potential sanctions for non compliance.
  • Hear about the expected impact of newly ratified FATCA Inter-governmental agreements on US persons.
  • Explore the options for bringing US taxpayers into compliance and whether surrendering citizenship/Green Cards might be an option.
  • Discover what can be done where clients do not qualify for any of the offshore disclosure programs or are contacted directly by the IRS in respect of unreported income.

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