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Entry Level Attorneys

It can be nerve-wracking for a recent law school graduate to walk into a law firm and be expected to perform with little practical experience. Here, we take the necessary steps to make transitioning into our firm an enjoyable learning experience.

As a first year associate, you will find a significant difference between being an entry level attorney at a large firm and practicing at a firm like Caplin & Drysdale. You will not be "just a number", you will not be stuck in an office pushing papers and doing document review for the first few years, and you will not be lost in the shuffle. At Caplin & Drysdale, you are more than an entry level attorney, you are an integral part of the team. You will get hands-on experience from day one, working directly with senior Members and practice group leaders, as well as interacting with clients. Our first-year associates are given substantive and challenging assignments and are encouraged to voice their opinions and offer input.

If you are looking for a firm that values teamwork, personal and professional growth, diversity, hard work and achievement, please submit your resume and transcript for consideration.

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