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The Legal 500 Recommends Caplin & Drysdale As a Leading Firm For 2013

June 3, 2013, The Legal 500



The Legal 500 Recommends Caplin & Drysdale
As A Leading Firm For 2013


The Legal 500 has once again recommended Caplin & Drysdale as a leading firm in the United States for 2013.  An excerpt taken from the publication states "‘The level of service is outstanding' at Caplin & Drysdale. The firm is recognized for its clear strength in tax controversy and its exempt organizations group."  Additionally, "The boutique law firm remains in the forefront of offshore-related matters, and is composed of a ‘very talented team' of ‘real trial lawyers' with ex-governmental and treasury experience."  This year, only 311 firms were recommended by more than 250,000 corporate counsel.  Practice areas recognized include:

    1. Finance - Corporate Restructuring (including bankruptcy)
    2. Finance - Not-for-Profit (nonprofit and tax exempt organizations)
    3. Labor and Employment - Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
    4. Tax - Domestic Tax: East Coast
    5. Tax - International Tax
    6. Tax - Tax Controversy

Three practitioners were singled out as "Leading Lawyers" in their field, they include: Marcus Owens for Not-for-Profit, David Rosenbloom for International Tax, and Christopher Rizek for Tax Controversy.  The Legal 500 also recommended more than 50% of the firm's senior lawyers in its U.S. 2013 editorial:

Finance - Corporate Restructuring                                
(including bankruptcy)
- Elihu Inselbuch
- James Wehner
- Trevor Swett

Finance - Not-for-Profit
(nonprofit and tax exempt organizations)

- Marcus Owens
- Mark Matthews
- William Klimon

Labor and Employment - Employee Benefits
and Executive Compensation                    

- Joanne Youn
- Richard Skillman

Tax - Domestic Tax: East Coast
- David Rosenbloom
- Diara Holmes
- Douglas Varley                                                  

Tax - Domestic Tax: East Coast
- Elan Keller
- Felix Laughlin
- Marcus Owens
- Mark Allison
- Mark Matthews
- Michael Durham
- William Klimon

Tax - International Tax
- Cono Namorato
- David Rosenbloom
- Elan Keller
- Patricia Lewis
- Scott Michel

Tax - Tax Controversy
- Cono Namorato
- David Rosenbloom
- Matthew Hicks
- Scott Michel



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The firm's reputation over the years has earned us the trust and respect of clients, industry peers, and government agencies. Moreover, clients rely on our broad knowledge of the law and our keen insights into their business concerns and personal interests. Our lawyers' strong tactical and problem-solving skills -- combined with substantial experience handling a variety of complex, high stakes, matters in a boutique environment -- make us one the nation's most distinctive law firms.

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