Trevor Potter to Chair the Conference on Corporate Political Spending
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Trevor Potter to Chair the Conference on Corporate Political Spending

Date: 5/15/2012

Program:Citizens United Supreme Court Decision
Event Sponsor:The Conference Board, Conference on Corporate Political Spending
Trevor Potter will chair The Conference Board's Conference on Corporate Political Spending, which will be held on May 15 at The Madison in Washington, D.C. The event will focus on complex situation facing companies, as they explore the opportunities now available for them to engage in the political process as a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and the increased public and media scrutiny that comes along with these activities. This conference will give executives responsible for political spending decisions and corporate policies the opportunity to hear from and engage with thought leaders in the field, including members of The Conference Board Committee on Corporate Political Spending. At the conference, business leaders and experts in corporate political spending will address key strategic issues including policies and practices, board oversight, disclosure and risks related with political activity. Specifically, the conference will cover:

  • Compliance and Training for Corporate Political Spending
  • Political Spending Governance: Policies and practices for effective oversight
  • Effective Political Engagement: When, why and how to engage in the political process under Citizens United
  • Political Spending in the Boardroom: The role of boards and shareholders
  • Communicating your Political Activity Strategy

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