Providing General Business Advice
Caplin & Drysdale
Providing General Business Advice
The structure that you adopt for your business can have a significant impact on your company's operations, legal liabilities, compensation, contracts, and more. At Caplin & Drysdale, we can help you choose whether to operate as a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. We also can incorporate or form the entity that you select and provide you with advice on day-to-day business matters as they arise.

Representative Engagements

  1. A company needed assistance in determining whether to create subsidiaries to own certain assets and what forms such subsidiaries should take. 

    Result: Caplin & Drysdale advised the company as to the implications of structuring the company in various ways. Once a corporate structure was agreed upon, Caplin and Drysdale formed the entities, drafted the documentation necessary to effect the asset transfers, and advised the company with respect to the corporate governance issues arising as a result of the corporate restructuring.

  2. A company needed assistance with its day-to-day contractual relationships, including service agreements, employment/consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, and shareholders' agreements. 

    Result: Caplin & Drysdale was available to review and draft contracts for the company as such services were needed.

Our Services

If you require general business legal services we can:

    • Advise you regarding alternative ways to structure your business entity
    • Organize your business entity
    • Advise you regarding corporate governance issues
    • Draft and negotiate contracts for your business
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